A Guide For The Newly Unemployed #1

I thought of today as my first day of being jobless. Although I was made redundant on Wednesday last week we didn’t find out until the afternoon that the company was going into liquidation and the rest of Wednesday was a bit of a numb panic, lots of calls to recruitment agencies, the job centre, credit card companies and anyone I could think of who might not get a bill paid this month. Thursday we were back in the office for a meeting with the liquidators which really hammered home that we were all screwed! I got my biggest dose of reality on Friday when I needed to get to Basingstoke to sign on and had to borrow ‘The Mans’ car as the company car had gone with the job.

After spending a soul-destroying hour in the job centre I decided to bake a Christmas Cake, I’d been trying to get it done for a couple of weeks and work always seemed to get in the way so it seemed right that now I didn’t have to work I should bake and it helped to think about something other than impending poverty for a few hours.

We’d already planned a trip to Oxford for the weekend, we had tickets for Little Fish at the O2 Academy and a table booked for Pizza at Fratelli’s on Saturday and Darth was moving up to Atomic Burgers on Sunday so there seemed little point in worrying about anything else until today.

The day started well, full of enthusiasm and big plans until ‘The Man’ came home from work at 9.30am he’d arrived at the office, checked his diary for the day and then remembered he’d booked a day off today!

So the weekend lasted one more day. Back to reality tomorrow.

Observations for the day…

While I’m out of work I must…

  1. Not have a lie in. I need to stay focused and motivated no matter how crap it all seems and my sleep pattern must not ever get back into late nights and late mornings it is not conducive to gainful employment.
  2. Have a shower every day no matter how slobby I feel like being
  3. Not Smoke!
  4. Focus on my skills and stay positive no matter how many crap jobs the agencies suggest.
  5. Temp
  6. Think long-term. I really really want a job that makes me want to get up in the morning, that I love doing, that makes me think and feel, that has some ethics and that isn’t going to end in the company going into liquidation within my first year!

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