Sunday Whinge #1

We went for a walk today, we had friends over for dinner last night and I drank way too much. I’m out of practice, it’s been a long time since I had a hangover, let alone a hangover like this and I have to confess to feeling like crap for most of the day, but it was fun and I can remember most of it and as far as I can remember I don’t need to apologise for anything, which is always a bonus.

The intention was to get some shots Autumnal colours, lovely reds and golds and falling leaves – that sort of stuff but as far as photography goes it was a bit of a non event. either we’ve missed the glorious colour bit or it hasn’t happened yet, there seemed to be a lot of green, maybe we just picked an area with the wrong sort of trees? Lots of mud and lots of green but not much on the red and gold front, maybe next weekend?

We parked up near a footpath that led down to a pretty part of the area, water, trees (mud) and swans, and got the cameras out of the boot. Dumped at the side of the road was a broken mirror. Fly tipping makes me angry. It’s not a ‘I live in the countryside’ thing it’s just a ‘I get pissed off with lazy people thing’. The local dump is only a few miles away and if you can drive here to dump your crap then you could drive a few more miles and dump it where it should be dumped. It’s up there with tossing your crap out of the car window or on the streets. (Most) people don’t drop rubbish on the floor in their own homes so find a bin, or a dump, or take it home – don’t be a slob and just drop it on the floor – there’s no excuse.

Rant over.


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