Old School

I love film, I love old cameras. There’s something incredibly nostalgic, and just a little romantic, about film. Especially the really old, barely lightproof, cameras of the 40’s and 50’s. The smell of the darkroom transports me to school days and my first photography lessons. I still have my very first SLR – a Zenit EM sporting the logo for the Moscow 80 Olympics, and it still works, despite thirty years of abuse from me. It’s been dropped, soaked, buried in sand and chucked at the bottom of assorted cupboards over the years but with one or two notable exceptions Russian Engineering is built to last.

The Coronet Cadet was made in Birmingham and would have cost around £1 5shilling and 4(old)p in 1959 and are said to be quite collectible now although not of high value as there are still quite a few around. I’ve seen them sell on ebay for around £20. I paid £3 for this one at a boot sale last year but I’m not interested in selling it I just want to use it.

It’s loaded up with (120 Ilford HP5) film and ready to go and I think I know the perfect occasion to try it out. On September the 19th Odiham will be remembering the Battle of Britain. We can look forward to Spam sandwiches, Rabbit Stew, Spitfire Ale and lashing of good old British tea. Hopefully people will enter into the spirit of the occasion and dress in period clothes if they can and I can’t think of a better place to take a little piece of British Bakelite for a jolly day out.


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