Scavenger Hunt 101 #21 A Flying Machine

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars

Let Me Play....

(© Cathy Griffiths – Please do not reproduce or use without asking first – Ta.)

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The Blades

The Blades in Odiham (© Cathy Griffiths, please don’t use or reproduce without asking first)


Scavenger Hunt 101 #61 Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

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Scavenger Hunt 101 #68 Something Rusty

Dave Listers dream is to marry Kristine Kochanski, have two sons, Jim and Bexley, live on a farm in Fiji, and open a chain of Hot Dog and Doughnut Diners. This Lister is on a farm in Odiham. Good enough?

Something Rusty

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Scavenger Hunt 101 #71 Summer

I could have chosen a photograph of sunny days, the seaside, ice cream, blue skies….. the cliches are endless. So I chose a photograph of almost naked men, doing handstands on a pile of bricks with sparklers stuck up their bottoms (look closely, you can see them)

The Winchester Hat fair, first week in July every year. Hello Summer.

Skate Naked.

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Something For the Weekend #3

A round up of the things that caught my eye, made me smile, interested me, came in handy or taught me something this week.

1. Bank Holidays.

Ok, I know the bank holiday was a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t post last week (or the week before – yes, I know, I’m slacking) and as it is the last Bank Holiday for this year it still deserves a mention. (Christmas Day is a public holiday but not officially a Bank Holiday although often, incorrectly, referred to as such)

What defines a bank holiday? Well, the banks are shut for a start (yes, I know they are shut on Christmas day, and New years day as well before you say it).

Bank holidays were first established in the UK by the Bank Holidays Act in 1871 which designated four bank holidays in England – Easter Monday, Whit Monday, the first Monday in August and Boxing Day. Christmas day and Sundays were thought of as traditional days of rest so not included in the act.

The Act was repealed in 1971 and superseded by the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971, which remains in force. We’ve had a few extra days added to the list since then and I’m all for thinking of a few more reasons why we should have a Monday off of work.

2. Home Grown

It’s always nice when you open the door to a friend who’s visiting and there’s a surprise pile of fresh, home grown veg on your doorstep (Did I mention we have lovely neighbours?) This has happened a few times now and it’s becoming a bit of a cooking challenge. What can I make from it?

I don’t make soup very often but felt inspired to make Beetroot Soup.

I used this recipe (Beetroot Soup With Feta) and resisted the urge to go for the full on Borscht experience (I opted for drinking the Vodka whilst roasting the tomatoes – seemed like a much better idea) It didn’t look quite the same as the photograph on the recipe page but it tasted lovely and I’ll definitely make this again.

3. Job Titles.

I have been emailing support at Photojojo with a couple of questions and Jenny has been very helpful and one day I am going to copy her job title on my business cards.

International Fairy Liaison and Customer Service Smile Creator

4. Things That Really Work

I am prone to knocking over the odd glass or two of red wine. The amount of red wine spilled increases depending on the colour of the carpet/upholstery. The lighter the carpet the larger the spill. Never ever give me red wine if you have white carpets, it’s never going to be a case of if I spill it, just how long it takes.

Imagine how happy I was when I found a product that claims to get wine stains out of carpets and actually does! I’ve never been one to get excited about cleaning but this stuff is a miracle in a pump-spray bottle. Lakeland seem to have renamed it since I last bought a bottle so I hope they haven’t changed the formula. Trust me, if you drink red wine buy some. Your carpets will love you for it.


This Time Last Year #77

This time last year – May 8th – May 22nd 2013