Scavenger Hunt 101 #27 A Live Performance

Taken At The Odiham Blues and Booze Festival in June 2010, part of the National Armed Forces Day celebrations. Reverend Robert. Good music, sunshine and Cider from Mr. Whiteheads – perfect. For more info and photographs head over to my photo blog.


This Time Last Year #68

This time last year – December 25th 2012 – January 8th 2013.

We had a new visitor to the garden, the weather was awful, constant rain and floods so food may have been scarce for our resident Sparrow Hawk. He was letting me get quite close and I spent a lot of time following him around the garden. this was taken with a Sigma 70-300mm lens that is broken and stuck on a focal length of about 150mm.



Scavenger Hunt 101 #13 Someone Wearing Polka Dots

Someone Wearing Polka Dots


Scavenger Hunt 101 #9 A Junk Car

I took this for the Scavenger Hunt 101 – A Junk car but I have a real soft spot for the Mk3 Cortina. It was my first car and first (car) love, I owned two of them and loved both (no this isn’t one of mine)

A Junk Car


Scavenger Hunt 101 #8 An Abandoned Building/Ruin

Waverley Abbey, nr Farnham.

Waverley Abbey


Scavenger Hunt 101 #7 A Puddle

I was going to cheat and use this one for #7 A puddle and #5 Rain but I’ll probably get a few more opportunities to photograph rain before the years over.

A Puddle


Scavenger Hunt 101 #6 Winter

Feeling Cold yet?